Social Media

Stay current with the ebb and flow of popular networks.

There couldn’t be a better example of a publicity ripple effect than with social media. There are over one billion people on Facebook daily; by giving your company a presence, you are showing the world what your company has to offer them. Social media is a place where organizations can create, document, and share everything their company does by adding a personal touch to their customer interaction. With the proper social media management, your business can respond directly to consumer questions, thank people individually, and promote services and events with ease. It’s the perfect place to show that your company is relevant and reliable, and with Splash Communications as your Digital Marketing Agency, your accounts will generate the best buzz for your business!

We post fresh and creative content to all your social media outlets so your company stays relevant on the public’s mind. Working with you, we put together a monthly outline of posts that will engage your viewers as well as bring new ones in.

Our team of certified social media professionals work to give your company a presence for your clients to engage with. Our social media management services make sure you are making a splash on every channel with unique, engaging posts that will help your business thrive by creating:

• Engaging and original content
• Account management on popular networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)
• Interactive promotions
• Monthly social media calendars
• Social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram