Will Lawlor

Marketing Manager

Growing up in a bilingual family in both Asia and Europe, Will Lawlor was exposed from a young age to a variety of languages, cultures, and peoples. As a result, he developed an early and abiding fascination with communication. From high school on, Will’s hobbies have all involved communications in some form – writing fiction, hosting a college radio show, working as a voice actor for an upcoming video game – and this passion is what led him to enroll in James Madison University’s “School of Media Arts and Design” (SMAD) with an emphasis on Corporate Communications.

At Splash Communications, Will has a keen eye for copy editing and a drive to provide creative written content that is both effective in its marketing scheme and unique for each client. His experience in the company has ranged from creating brochures, websites, and newsletters, to scripts for television advertisements and commercial voice-overs.

In his spare time, Will also enjoys volleyball, puns, and video games. Feel free to discuss any of these subjects with him at length.

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