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Why Social Media Marketing Is So Valuable

By: Karishma Talwar

In today’s day and age, the Internet is a holy place where with the touch of a button you can do virtually anything. From booking a dinner reservation to watching funny cat videos, the options are endless. And all of this is available to us in the palm of our hands. Our culture has become so dependent on social media for information and constant updates that it is seen as strange and unnatural for someone to not have a social media presence. As an internet marketing agency, Splash Communications understands how important a social media presence is for our clients. We go above and beyond to make sure our clients have an online presence that makes them relevant, engaging, and accessible.

Why exactly is social media marketing so valuable for your company and what can an Internet marketing agency like Splash do for you?

Well, let’s break it down by channel. The three main channels that are incorporated into most social media campaigns are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Though some of these channels are owned by the same company (Facebook owns Instagram, for example), each one has a different function and audience following. As your Internet marketing agency, we will make sure your social media presence allows you to stay relevant and up-to-date with your clients!


Almost everyone and their grandmothers are on Facebook. If your company wants to succeed at Internet marketing, having a Facebook page is very important. On average, Facebook has 1.13 billion daily users, which is more than the total population of Canada. When a potential client Googles your company, there is a very high chance they are looking for your social media presence in addition to your website. and most of the time that’s going to be your company’s Facebook profile. With the opportunity to reach out to an online following the size of a country, professional work can really make a difference between you and your competitors.

At Splash, we do more than just give you a Facebook page to put on your website, we run it for you. Everything from new cover photos and posting unique content to running your advertising through Facebook itself, we do it all.


Whether you’re a realtor or a small business grocery store, having an Instagram page is a major plus! Instagram is a great way for you to show off what your company does. It allows you to post pictures and videos to keep your clients up to date on what your company is doing and has to offer. By using hashtags on your photos, you are allowing your photo to be seen from anywhere between one hundred people and one hundred thousand. As Instagram grows and develops, it’s only going to help your company to be discovered more.

When we work with a client for their Instagram page, we make sure it is optimized to reach not only a giant audience, but the right audience. We do this by generating a list of hashtags to along with every post that describes your business and what you have to offer, then customize them to specific topics. We make sure to put in the necessary research and discover which hashtags are most popular on a monthly basis so your content – and furthermore your business – receives the attention it deserves.


Short; sweet; simple. That’s what Twitter is all about. In 280 (previously 140) characters, you can create written status updates about your life and express yourself without going overboard. Twitter is a great place to learn about new topics and trends going on in the world today, including discovering potential new clients. A company Twitter account can help you address issues your clients may be having as well as keeping up to date with Twitter users that include your company name in their message. The more you engage with your followers, the stronger and more positive your online presence becomes!

Splash generates unique content that is clever, creative, and caring to inform the Twitter world about what your company has to offer. And similar to Instagram, the use of hashtags are always a plus to boosting your posts to make sure they are seen.

No matter what your business offers, having a social media presence is extremely important and beneficial. With an Internet marketing agency like Splash Communications, you are able to dive into the world of social media and really MAKE A SPLASH! Follow our own Splash social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see what we’re up to and contact us today to get started on your social media marketing!

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