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Email Marketing and the ‘Email Blast’

By: Elysa Leonard

Though many people think that Facebook is the big powerhouse of Internet communications, they usually fail to recognize what has been there all along: email. Despite all the social media hype, email marketing still trumps all in regards to conversions. It remains strong and constant while social media sites rise and fall with the trends. Here at Splash, we strongly suggest incentivizing email signups for this reason! Email is simple, direct—and most importantly—absolutely free! It is a fast and easy way to communicate with your customers, and it’s the least invasive form of digital advertising if you do it right!

Let’s talk about this point for a minute: doing email right. This means creating and sending a message that is clear, concise, and informational. Though you may be inclined to send out a “Happy 4th of July” email to your customers, that sad fact is that it will likely end up in the trash if it doesn’t offer any special Independence Day deals or discounts. However, not all emails have to sell something, either. Like social media posts, if they have something else to offer, like advice or tips, your recipients are likely to keep reading. Even the smallest of updates will do the trick.

If you’re worried about having to come up with topics and articles for a monthly newsletter, don’t be. Email marketing favors quality above quantity, so there is no need for your newsletters to exceed one page in length. For the same reasons you shouldn’t be sending your boss novel-length emails, you should keep your emails short and to the point. Understand the fact that someone might be flipping through their emails while in line for Panera—or even on the John—and therefore they want to read a quick little article to pass the time. If they want more in-depth information, they’ll go to your website.

Still unsure of how to write a newsletter? Here at Splash, we can help design, create, and write a custom newsletter for your company, sending it out as frequently as you like through through the email marketing platform of your choice. You can give us topics to write about, or we can do it all for you! We will work to meet your needs and budget, ensuring that both your company’s integrity and personality shine through.

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