SPLASH Communications is a marketing communications company that can help your advertising and marketing efforts make a SPLASH in your marketplace. No matter the size of your advertising budget, we can help create a SPLASH that brings you an increase in your customer base and successfully brands your company and services.

Marketing Communications need to be specific and speak to your customer’s needs and what your company can provide. Your marketing communications or “Marcom” needs to be methodically planned and researched to speak to your customers directly in a quick and concise language.

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations are constantly changing. In 2014 the way you reach your customers is completely different than it was just 5 years ago. Online marketing, advertising and social media need to be essential pieces of your marketing plans. Social Media is the new “word of mouth” and is paramount for success in today’s marketplace. A good mix of traditional and online marketing enhanced with a comprehensive public relations strategy is crucial to your success.

SPLASH Communications is a marketing think tank with the experience and knowledge to create and implement a targeted and successful advertising plan for any business.

Please review our services and contact us for a free marketing evaluation. We know how to help you be successful, increase your market share and get an excellent ROI for your advertising expenditures. Let us help you not just create a ripple but really MAKE A SPLASH!


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